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About Me

My favorite photographer quote of all time comes from Sally Mann - "It's easier for me to take ten good photos in an airplane bathroom than in the gardens of Versailles."  To me the most beautiful photos of all are the ones that elevate those mundane, everyday places and moments that might otherwise be ignored into something special.  Because in the end they are special - but we get so busy thinking about other things that we forget to notice.

I've tried all kinds of photography - portraits, family lifestyle, landscapes, street photography, still life... I enjoy them all.  But what gives me the biggest charge, what makes me want to pick up my camera again tomorrow and the next day and the day after that is capturing something that might otherwise be dismissed or overlooked.  Photography is a gift for me because it helps me see the beauty in things I never noticed or fully appreciated before.  My dream is to be able to help others see those things as well.

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